CY2SIDE 20PCS Spider Shoe Charm for Kids, Superhero Shoe Decoration Charm for Clogs, Cartoon Bracelet Wristband Charms for Kids B-day Gift, Shoe Decor for Boys Slip-On, Treasure Toy for Hero Party


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Product Description:

What’s in the package-
Spider themed shoe charm*20, 10 unique designs, each pattern has 2pcs

As the pictures shown

1. Shoe charm for clog shoes
2. Bands/ bracelet/ wristband decoration
3. Treasure box toys for parties
4. Halloween treats
5. Spider or other superhero themed party favors
6. Birthday party gifts

Key Product Features:

1. What’s in the package - Package comes with 20pcs spider themed shoe charms, all packaged in a white box. The product is made of PVC, colorful and stylish as shown, fitting your clogs nicely.

2. Safe Material for Toddlers - Made of lightweight & soft PVC (rubber), safe and non-toxic.

3. Cheerful Goodies for Kids - Cool spider design will make kids, especially boys always want to decorate their clog shoes with these shoe charms.

4. Easy to Use - To install the shoe charm, please hold it and insert it from 45 degree angle. To take it off, reach into holes of shoes, use your fingers to push the bottom of the shoe charm slightly till it comes out.

5. Wide Application - They are good for shoes with holes, such as boys and girls’ garden clogs, beach sandals, summer water shoes, breathable sneaker, slip-on, etc. Also good for Halloween treats as well as band bracelets decor.