CY2SIDE 60PCS Cat Animal Rainbow Color Scratch Bookmarks for Kids, DIY Cat Rainbow Color Scratch Craft Kit Birthday Party Decors, catling Pet Magic Art Rainbow Color Craft Kit for Birthday Party Favor


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【Design It Yourself】You can use the matching stick to scratch out the pattern you like, or what the catling you've dreamed of or wanted to have. Under the scratch layer are colorful cards, you can have your own colorful pet cat.
【Improve Your Hands-on Ability】Cat animal scratch cutouts are designed not only for fun, but also for the opportunity to exercise a child's focus and sense of design. This can be done during a leisurely afternoon activity. Adults can also use this as a child to relax the tension of life.
【Lovely catling Theme】The design of this product is mainly around the little cat that children like, so that your children can learn in the process of playing and develop their imagination in the process of playing, and cultivate children's love for small animals in the fun.
【What You Can Get】There are altogether 60 pieces of cat animal scratch cutouts, a total of 6 styles, 10 pieces each. The product also comes with 20 sticks and 1 roll of ribbon. You can not only design the bookmarks by yourself, but also share the hands-on happiness with your good friends.
【Easy to Play】Very simple to play, you just need to use the matching stick or other hard things to scratch off the scratch card, you can design your kitties according to your ideas or refer to the product image.


Create your own unique cat cards!

What’s including
60pcs cat animal scratch cutouts(6 different style with 10 pieces each)
20pcs sticks(to scratch off the scratch card)
1 roll of ribbon

Color and pattern
The scratch card before the scratch has a black coating, and the color card under the scratch layer (after the scratch)
Mix of all kinds of cat patterns

Multiple Usages
As a cutout to decorate party
As a reward to student
As a festival prizes for kids
As a party gift for friends

Suited Occasion
Lesson in handicrafts
Animal class
A cat-themed party
Afternoon leisure time
Family time

There are different size of different pattern, convenient for using

The product is not eatable, for the children under 3 years old, please use under adult supervision